Specific IgE

Test investigation

Specific IgE

Laboratory offering test




Also known as/Frequency of test

RAST; Allergen Testing; SIgE


Atopic individuals generate specific IgE to many different compounds, some will experience Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions on exposure and are considered to be allergic, others remain asymptomatic and are termed sensitised but not allergic. In the absence of a strong clinical history, specific IgE analysis is of little significance. NB a negative result does not exclude allergy.

Comments precautions

We run panels of antigens to common food groups and aeroallergens, we have individual test for common allergens. Blanket requests for 'RAST testing' will only have total IgE measured.

Sample type


Turnaround times (TAT) Urgent/Routine/GP or OPD

2 working days

Reference intervals

<0.35 KUA/L