Quality Team

EPA quality comprises of 5 full time positions and several departmental quality leads and quality support who work within their discipline but also have quality responsibilities.

The EPA quality Team

EPA Network Quality Manager – Diane Murley

EPA Assistant Network Quality Manager – Ginny Marley

EPA Network Quality Lead – Kayleigh Hughes

EPA Network Quality Practitioner – Carol O’Gorman

EPA Network Quality Administrator – Megan Wright

Departmental quality leads

Blood Sciences JPUH – Sarah Parsons

Clinical Biochemistry NNUH – Martyn Hammond

Specimen Reception NNUH – Sharon Gooch (temporary)

Immunology NNUH – Allyson Tyler

Haematology NNUH – Cheryl Barker

Toxicology NNUH – Crystal Bancroft

Endocrinology NNUH – Susanne McMurray

Microbiology – Bacteriology – Sara Grundy

Microbiology – Virology – Tim Crouch

Blood Sciences QEH –Aga Pieterse

Blood Sciences QEH (support) – Jackie Kennett

EPA wide Blood Transfusion – Diane Murley

Andrology NNUH- Kelly Burton

Accreditation Status

The laboratories within the EPA network are required to be accredited to the international standard ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence.

The following EPA departments are currently UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited medical laboratory’s to BS EN ISO15189:2012:

  • Clinical Biochemistry at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 10294
  • Haematology at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 10295
  • Microbiology a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 10296

The process of accreditation to BS EN ISO 15189:2012 is well underway for a defined scope involving the following departments. This will be carried out in a phased process as single site disciplines:

  • Blood Transfusion at NNUH
  • Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology & Blood Transfusion repertoire of tests at QEH
  • Clinical Biochemistry to include Immunology, Endocrinology and Toxicology tests not included in the current accredited scope
  • Blood Transfusion repertoire of tests at JPUH
  • Andrology – all sites

Applications for extensions to scope will be submitted to UKAS for accredited departments when changes have been made, fully implemented and ready for assessment by UKAS.

The EPA has decided that it will not use the UKAS logo.


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