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Eastern Pathology Alliance (EPA) is a UKAS accredited, research-focused, medical laboratory, providing a range of specialist and non-specialist tests across three hospital sties (NNUH, JPH and QEK). Our departments include Biochemistry, including Automation and Analytical and Specialist Chemistry (Toxicology and Endocrinology), Microbiology, Immunology, Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Andrology (see department tabs for further information).

Our specialist services include:

  • SAAS for Calcium and Bone Metabolism
  • Quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer (QToF–MS) for screening for a wide range of substances in urine
  • ICP-MS for trace element analysis

We are part of the Norwich Research Park (NRP) which has an international reputation for research in plant and microbial sciences, interdisciplinary environmental sciences and food, diet and health. We undertake a variety of clinical research and trials for sponsored, commercial, non-commercial studies and academic studies across the NRP involving:

Also, through being research-active, we are helping to improve patient-outcomes.
For example;

SIREN study (COVID-19)

Healthcare workers have played a very important part in getting life back to normal. The EPA has been taking part in the SIREN study, (SARS-CoV2 Immunity and Reinfection Evaluation) one of the largest COVID-19 studies with over 44,500 recruits from 135 sites across the UK. The results of the study have been used to ease the national lockdown.

SIREN seeks to answer one of the biggest questions:

Does infection with Covid-19 protect you from the virus in the future?

Just as the answer “yes” came in, the vaccine rollout began and the information was quickly updated to include participants’ vaccination status. In February 2021, a report showed that Healthcare workers were 72% less likely to become infected with COVID-19 following the first dose of vaccine. The first dose was found to be effective two weeks after administration. After the second dose Healthcare workers were 86% less likely to become infected with COVID-19.

The study found vaccination also helps to reduce the spread of infection, as if you’re not infected you can’t spread infection. The study informed the important answer to the question “Will the vaccines be the main driver to get us out of lockdown”?

The answer was Yes!

Our research team:

Michelle Frost: EPA Research Lead |

Prof. Ngozi Elumogo: EPA Chief of Service | 

Nigel Roberts: EPA Service Operational Manager |

Dr Emily Leach: EPA Consultant Clinical Biochemist |


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