Lymphocyte Surface Marker Analysis

Test investigation

Lymphocyte Surface Marker Analysis

Laboratory offering test




Also known as/Frequency of test

T cell count; CD3 (T), CD4 (T helper),CD8 (T cytotoxic) lymphocyte subsets; TBNK; CD4/CD8 count; B cell count; CD19 count; CD20 count, CD16+56 (NK) cells, CD34


Used for monitoring primary and secondary immunodeficiency. NB this test should not be used as a surrogate marker for HIV infection, CD4 count is often normal until late stage.

Comments precautions

MUST be received within 48hrs of venipuncture Store at room temp CD34’s are only assayed by prior arrangement with Haematology

Sample type


Turnaround times (TAT) Urgent/Routine/GP or OPD

2 working days

Reference intervals

Please see issued report