Haemoglobinopathy screening


Haemoglobinopathy screening

Site(s) or Laboratory offering Test/Investigation




Also Known as/Frequency of Test

Haemoglobin capillary electrophoresis and confirmatory investigations

Ideal sample age for accurate results/Maximum acceptable sample age (at the time of analysis)

Within 8 hours/24 hours

Sample type


Turnaround times (TAT) Urgent/Routine/GP or OPD

1 working day, Antenatal Sickle Cell and thalassaemia screening: 3 days

Reference intervals (adult unless stated)

Haemoglobin Capillary electrophoresis
HbF <1.0%
HbA2 1.5-3.4%

If UKAS Accredited Test indicate at which site

Y NNUH, QEH (Sickle Cell solubility performed at QEH is currently not accredited)